The Rise of Telehealth in Mental Health Care: Key Advantages and Influential Figures

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Telehealth, a form of healthcare that utilises telecommunications technology to give distant care to patients, is gaining increasing popularity in the domain of mental health care. Its many benefits make it an attractive choice for both patients and doctors. In this post, we’ll look at how telehealth might improve mental health care and shine a focus on the pioneers who are making this possible.

Advantages of Telehealth in Mental Health Care:

Convenience: Telehealth visits can be booked from the comfort of one’s home or workplace, avoiding the need for travel to typical in-person sessions. Those who have trouble getting to and from their appointments on time will appreciate this amenity especially.

Telehealth consultations are more economically viable than regular office visits. Due to not having to pay for a traditional office and staff, this is a significant savings.

Telehealth can help those in underserved areas or those who can’t easily travel to more central locations get the mental health care they need.

Research Supporting Telehealth Effectiveness:

Numerous studies have shown that telemedicine is effective for treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Among the most significant studies of its kind, published in “JAMA Psychiatry” in 2020, found that telehealth-delivered CBT for depression was just as effective as in-person CBT.

Influential Figures and Organizations:

There are a number of notable people and groups working to increase the use of telehealth in mental health care.

Don Berwick, Ph.D.: A paediatrician and healthcare policy expert, Dr. Berwick is a renowned supporter for telehealth. Before leading the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services, he led the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as its president and CEO.

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner and physician Dr. David Kessler is an expert in healthcare policy. Lyra Health is a telehealth provider that focuses on mental health services for businesses, and he is now serving as the company’s chairman of the board of directors.

When it comes to mental health services for businesses, Lyra Health is the industry leader in telehealth. Access to mental health treatment in the workplace is facilitated by the full range of services they provide, including individual and group therapy as well as medication management.

Talkspace is a telemedicine company that offers counselling and therapy sessions through their website, Talkspace. Individual, couple, and family therapy are all available to meet a wide range of mental health requirements.

BetterHelp is another well-known telehealth company that provides counselling and treatment through the Internet. Like Talkspace, it provides multiple therapeutic choices, offering accessible and adaptable mental health support.

Rapid Expansion of Telehealth in the Wake of the COVID-19 Epidemic:

Telehealth services for mental health have expanded rapidly since the COVID-19 outbreak. The implementation of social isolation and stay-at-home orders reduced patients’ access to conventional mental health care. Demand for mental health care via telemedicine increased as a result.

Access to these services was furthered by regulatory shifts made necessary by the pandemic, such as a temporary increase in telehealth service coverage by the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These modifications expanded access to telemedicine mental health services for people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds and insurance statuses.

The need of telemedicine in mental health care will only increase as we readjust to life after a pandemic. Because of its many benefits and thanks to the efforts of powerful people and groups, mental health care is now more widely available and more economically viable than ever before. There is promise for a future in which all those in need will have access to high-quality mental health services thanks to telehealth, which is revolutionising the way mental health services are delivered.

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