Taking on New Role as Provincial Leader & IAGC Central Zone Administrator

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The International Association for Guidance and Counselling (IAGC) is a global community that is making a meaningful difference in the dynamic field of guidance and counselling, where dedication, innovation, and inclusivity are the foundations of progress. As I take into the post of Provincial Leader and Administrator of the Central Zone in the IAGC, I am sincerely grateful for the consistent support, direction, and cooperation I have received on this remarkable journey. I’d want to take this opportunity to thank the people who make IAGC possible: Chairman Dr. VBM Riyas, General Secretary Dr. Shameena, and everyone else involved with IAGC.

The IAGC Journey:

IAGC is more than a group of people who share an interest in guide and counselling; it’s a network of experts committed to improving the field as a whole. What binds us together is a desire to make a significant difference in people’s lives and in the places where they live all over the world. We are a force for good because we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, diversity, and originality as a group.

Acknowledging the Leaders:

Dr. VBM Riyas, Chairman, IAGC:
Dr. VBM Riyas, as Chairman of IAGC, has provided invaluable leadership and direction to the entire organisation. IAGC has reached unprecedented heights under his direction. Dr. Riyas’s continuous commitment to his career and his community has been an inspiration. We owe a great debt of gratitude to his leadership for helping IAGC find common ground and focus.

Dr. Shameena, General Secretary, IAGC:
IAGC’s General Secretary, Dr. Shameena, has been instrumental in keeping things running smoothly. Her administrative expertise, focus on detail, and dedication to IAGC’s ideals have been crucial in helping us succeed. It’s inspiring to see how Dr. Shameena has rallied the community around a shared goal and worked tirelessly to improve their lives.

The IAGC Community:
The members of IAGC, the IAGC community, constitute the organization’s lifeblood beyond its leadership. Together, these experts from all across the world have proven how much can be accomplished when people work together. As a result of everyone’s input, the atmosphere has become stimulating and encouraging for those seeking direction and advice. IAGC is a true catalyst for good because it is a place where ideas may flourish, innovations can be developed, and problems can be solved.
I want to express my deep appreciation to Dr. VBM Riyas, Dr. Shameena, and the entire IAGC community for all of their help and dedication to our cause as I take on the role of Provincial Leader and Administrator for the Central Zone. The International Association for Guidance and Counselling (IAGC) is more than just a group of experts in the field; its members are a close-knit family committed to improving the guidance and counselling industry as a whole. Together, with hard work and creativity, we can continue to change the lives of people everywhere.

I’m thrilled to take on this role as leader and serve, and I have faith that we can make a positive impact on the future of guiding and counselling and, by extension, the world. I appreciate the confidence you’ve placed in me, Dr. VBM Riyas, Dr. Shameena, and the rest of the IAGC family.

Dr. Sajeev Dev
Dr. Sajeev Dev
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