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100 days challenge: what to do to change your life in 100 days

We all want to live happier, healthier lives and make our dreams a reality, but often we don’t know how to achieve our goals and make the most of every day. The good news is that making positive changes in your life doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting; in fact, you can change pretty much anything about your life in 100 days! All it takes are small changes done consistently and you will achieve amazing results in no time at all! Here are some practical tips on what you should do to change your life in 100 days:…

Set a goal

I’m going to start by doing the following things each day for the next hundred days.
1) I will wake up an hour earlier. 2) I will have a healthy breakfast. 3) I will meditate for 10 minutes every day. 4) I will make my bed every morning. 5) I will take care of my teeth twice a day with floss and mouthwash. 6) I will spend time outside each day, getting some exercise, enjoying nature and breathing fresh air. 7) I will watch less TV and read more books. 8) I will stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes and limit my coffee intake to one cup per day. 9) I will use social media only as a way to stay connected with family members who live far away from me. 10)I will not engage in mindless shopping – buying clothes that don’t fit right or books that are useless just because they’re on sale is a waste of money. 11)I’ll get rid of any clothing that doesn’t fit me properly or is no longer fashionable because it’s wasteful to keep clothing around just so you can feel like you’ve got something in reserve.

Change one habit at a time

Make a list of all the habits you want to change. These should be things you are not happy with or things that have been going wrong for you for a while.

Pick one habit and make a list of 10 actions that will help you stick with it (even if it’s just for one day). Write the action at the top of the list, so when you start thinking I can’t do this any more or This is too hard, take a look at the action and then come back again tomorrow.

Start small – don’t think you need to change 10 habits at once!

Set a deadline

This is your chance to change anything you want about yourself. Use this 100 day period as a time for personal reflection and growth. Identify two goals for yourself and set deadlines for when you want them completed by. If you’re not sure where to start, use the following prompts below as a guideline:
1) Write a letter to your future self and read it every day until the end of the 100 days. You may also include any affirmations or messages that are important to remind yourself of during this time. 2) Make a list of things you have been meaning to do but haven’t had time for yet, such as reading that book or finally taking that cooking class.

Make a plan

  1. Learn a new skill – try something you’ve never done before, such as coding, cooking, singing, or running.
  2. Write a book – even if it’s just for yourself! Start with five sentences per day and work up from there.
  3. Read more books – set aside time each week and read for at least 20 minutes each day. It doesn’t matter what the book is about; it will expand your vocabulary and understanding of the world around you.

Track your progress

Day 1 – Get a planner and start writing a list of all of the things that need to be done, broken down into manageable tasks. Schedule them on your calendar and make sure you put some time aside for relaxation and self care.
Day 2 – Make a list of five things you can do today that would make someone else’s day better, even if they don’t seem like much. Complete the list by doing one thing on it. These are small acts of kindness that will help yourself feel better as well.
Day 3 – Write down how you want your life to look when you’re at the end of these 100 days and then take an honest look at where you are now.

Reward yourself

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is by rewarding yourself for accomplishing a goal. I want you to think about the things that motivate you and make it a game. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, try rewarding yourself with a new outfit or pair of shoes when you hit your goal weight. If you’re running a marathon, reward yourself with an expensive dinner after crossing the finish line.

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