Santhosh George Kulangara: A Journey Beyond Borders

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Santhosh George Kulangara: One name jumps out in the world of travel writing and exploration. Santhosh George Kulangara, an Indian traveller, TV producer, director, broadcaster, editor, and publisher, has become a name that people associate with experience and learning about other cultures. From starting the groundbreaking travel documentary series “Sancharam” to his start in space tourism, Kulangara’s life shows how dedicated he is to exploring the world and sharing its wonders with his viewers.

Early Life and Education:

Santhosh George Kulangara was born on December 25, 1971, in Marangattupilly, Kottayam district, Kerala. His early life shaped the things he would do in the future. Kulangara began a job that would change the way travel journalism is done in India after getting his master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Madurai Kamaraj University.

Career Beginnings:

Thanks, Santhosh In 1992, George Kulangara began his job as a journalist by making telefilms and documentaries for different TV networks. He became the manager of Labour India Publications, a company that published student papers and magazines, when he was 26 years old. His early works, such as the telefilms “Samayam,” “Acharya,” “Maluvinte Lokam,” and “Krishnagatha,” showed how good he was at telling stories.

Sancharam: a groundbreaking Malayalam travelogue.

Back in 1997, Kulangara chose to combine his love of travel with his talent for writing stories. This led to the creation of the famous travelogue series “Sancharam.” The first show of Sancharam aired on Asianet in 2001. It was the start of a new era in Malayalam television. More than 130 countries and seven continents were shown on the show, which Kulangara shot, edited, and directed himself.

Safari TV and Diversification:

Santhosh George Kulangara came up with more new ideas for trip documentaries after the success of Sancharam. In 2013, he started Safari TV, a station with only shows about travel and history. His job as the “Chief Explorer” of Safari TV and the fact that Sancharam would still be on this platform showed how committed he was to giving his viewers interesting content.

Taking the plunge into space tourism:

When Santhosh George Kulangara joined the Virgin Galactic space tourist project, he took his desire to try new things to a whole new level. Kulangara went on a suborbital trip in 2007 and experienced “zero gravity.” He was called “India’s first space tourist.” This amazing achievement showed how much he loved exploring and how ready he was to push the limits.

Chandrayaan: A Cinematic Exploration:

Santhosh George Kulangara started making films in 2010 when he directed and produced the English movie “Chandrayaan.” The movie shows what went on behind the scenes of Chandrayaan-1, India’s first mission to the moon. People saw the important space mission from a different point of view.

Honours and Awards:

Many awards, including the Kerala Sahitya Academi Award for Best Travelogue in 2012, have been given to Santhosh George Kulangara for his work in travel writing. He has won several awards from prestigious organisations, including the K.R. Narayanan Award and an Asian Television Award.

Literary Pursuits:

Not only does Santhosh George Kulangara explore images, but he also writes a lot. He has written seven books in Malayalam that tell about his travels, experiences, and thoughts on different countries.

The life and work of Santhosh George Kulangara show a unique mix of emotion, curiosity, and a strong desire to explore. From the landscapes of different countries to the vastness of space, Kulangara’s journey has crossed borders and inspired many people to accept adventure and cultural understanding. As this modern-day explorer continues to explore the uncharted areas of storytelling, we can only look forward to hearing more amazing stories from him.

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