The Power of Service: Why Giving Without expecting anything in Return is so important.

The Power of Service
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In this world where we all want to be rewarded, service has become a rare act that many people do not understand the power of.

Gautam Buddha once said, If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito . In this world where we all want to be rewarded, service has become a rare act that many people do not understand the power of. Service does not mean donating money or serving soup and sandwiches to the homeless on the street corner for Thanksgiving dinner, although those acts of service are wonderful and selfless. Service can be something as simple as smiling at someone, saying hello to your neighbor or even helping an elderly person cross the street on your way to work in the morning.

What is service?

Service is an act done without wishing for something in return. This act is very important. Service purifies our karma. There are many ways to serve, from caring for an elderly person, to giving a homeless person food or money, to volunteering your time and energy at a food bank or animal shelter- but the most difficult type of service comes when we have a problem that needs solving, but we don’t know what the solution is- and yet we still want to help this person who has come to us with their problem.

What are the benefits of service?

-Service makes the world a better place by doing good for someone else.
-Service helps us to not expect anything from anyone and as a result, we will be less likely to be disappointed or hurt when people don’t meet our expectations.
-Service purifies our karma because it’s an act done without expectation of something in return.
-Service shows that we are capable of being selfless and kind and prevents us from becoming selfish because we have someone to serve instead of ourselves.
-Service gives us a sense of purpose because it gives meaning to what we do everyday.

How can we best serve others?

1) I believe that service to others is the most powerful way to serve and make a difference. When we are able to help someone else, we have the opportunity to change their life and make them happier, which will also make us happier too! 2) One way you can give back through service is by donating your time or volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. 3) You can also give back by volunteering with animals, such as at an animal shelter, or you could foster animals who are in need of homes. 4) Another way to give back through service is giving money; donate money to a cause that matters to you, whether it’s the environment or cancer research or any number of other things. 5) There are plenty of ways for us all to make this world better for each other without expecting anything in return. 6) These are just some examples of how we can all be more selfless and do our part to improve the lives of others while making a big impact on our own lives too.

Examples of service

1) The act of giving with no expectation for something in return is a great way to show compassion and care for others.
2) There’s no better way to feel content than by living a life full of service to others.
3) Selfless service transforms the giver, the recipient, and those who are witnessing it.
4) Some ways you can serve your community are donating blood or volunteering at a soup kitchen or food pantry during Thanksgiving or Christmas season.
5) Volunteering at an animal shelter and walking dogs are also great ways to give without expecting anything in return!

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