Letting the presence of God settle into your heart: How peace comes from within

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Peace will come when you let the presence of God settle into your heart..

The Bible says that peace comes from within. In other words, there’s no peace in the world without peace in your heart—and there’s no peace in your heart without God’s presence there. God doesn’t just give us peace, He becomes our peace. We have found this to be true throughout our lives when we let the presence of God settle into our hearts and mind. How do we let the presence of God settle into our hearts?

The feeling of being unsettled
It’s easy to feel unsettled when everything feels out of place, when nothing is going according to plan. But when we let the presence of God settle in our hearts, we can find peace in any circumstance. We just need to slow down and listen for His voice–to open up our hearts and minds to His guidance. He will show us where we need to go, what we should do next, who we should be talking to, and how we should pray.

The presence of God
There are many things in this world that can make you feel restless. It’s hard to find peace. But what if I told you that peace is not found outside of yourself but rather inside? Peace will come when you let the presence of God settle into your heart. Let it be, let it grow, and soon you’ll have a new sense of calm.

The peace that comes from within
It’s not always easy to find peace in today’s world, but it does come from within. Follow these steps to help find that inner sense of calm and serenity.
1) Remember that you are a child of God. You are loved unconditionally by Him. This gives you an inherent value and worth. 2) Accept yourself for who you are now, even if you’re not where you want to be in life or where someone else would like you to be. 3) If there is something bothering you, don’t let it linger. Deal with the issue as soon as possible so that you can put it behind you. 4) There is no point in worrying about things which haven’t happened yet; instead enjoy each day as best as possible.

Allowing the presence of God to settle in
The feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do next is a feeling that many people experience. Sometimes we may feel lost because we are unsure about our future. Other times, it might be because we are questioning how we spent our time in the past. In either case, there is one thing that can help ease these feelings and bring back some peace – letting the presence of God settle into your heart. This does not mean you need to become religious or start going to a place of worship every day; rather, it means taking time out for yourself each day by doing things that make you happy and connect with who you are as a person. It also means spending time with people who make you feel good on both a spiritual and emotional level.

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