Nurturing Leaders: The Dr. Thomas George and LEAD College of Management Story

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Dr. Thomas George, the founder of LEAD College of Management , a visionary educator and life-skills teacher, began his mission to alter the educational status quo in the scenic town of Dhoni, Palakkad, Kerala. He set out on a quest to inculcate values, entrepreneurship, and social commitment in the minds of young children because he was certain that inspiration might change their life and lead them to exciting new places. Inspired by this dream, he laid the groundwork in 2011 for what would one day become LEAD College of Management.
The Genesis of Inspiration
Dr. Thomas George recognised the importance of instilling morals and an entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation through his work with Engineering and MBA students in Kerala. For him, inspiration was more than a noun; it was the spark that lighted the fuse of discovery and liberation. This firm conviction gave rise to an ambitious plan: to found a business school in a second-rate city in Kerala.
Dhoni’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Institute (LEAD)
The acronym “LEAD” explains its purpose in a nutshell. LEAD stands for “Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy, Dhoni,” a nod to the academy’s mission to inspire future leaders and business owners. LEAD College of Management Palakkad was founded by the Prompt Charitable Trust with the mission of providing an education that fosters human greatness in all its dimensions (knowledge, skills, attitude, and values).
The Redefining Education
LEAD College of Management strives to be a top choice for students from all around the world who are interested in pursuing a degree in management. LEAD prides itself on producing graduates who stand out from the crowd, both personally and professionally, and it has a track record of successfully transforming students into competent professionals, compassionate leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs.
LEAD’s highly qualified and experienced instructors are its greatest asset, backed up with cutting-edge facilities and a competent administration. They are aware of the need for concentrated effort to foster the future generation of leaders, business owners, and managers. At LEAD, we value collaborative efforts, which allow us to foster an environment where everyone may flourish.
Story of LEAD
There were difficulties along the way. In 2010, LEAD College submitted an application for a 60-seat MBA programme; in 2011, the number of available slots increased to 120. However, they hit a snag owing to events beyond their control. Due to the delay in receiving the university affiliation, 58 pupils had to be sent to alternative schools. Despite this setback, LEAD College kept operating, providing housing, meals, and education to its remaining 58 students without charging any of them anything. LEAD was marked by its unrelenting dedication to the futures of its pupils.
Excellence Over a Decade
Now, a decade later, LEAD College of Management is preparing to honour its first graduating class. LEAD is a centre of academic excellence, being affiliated with the University of Calicut and having received approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as well as NAAC and NBA accreditation. With both ISO 21001:2018 and GSAAA certifications under its belt, the company has demonstrated its commitment to green, energy, and environmental auditing practises.
The acceptance of a yearly intake of 300 students and an additional quota for economically weaker sections shows the exponential growth that LEAD College of Management has seen in recent years. When it first opened, there were just 58 pupils on campus; today, there are 600 eager students and 40 devoted teachers.
Dr. Thomas George and the LEAD College of Management have built an impressive legacy on the strength of their unyielding dedication, ideals, and faith in the transformative potential of inspiration. They have shown that it is possible to create significant changes in education and society when there is a strong commitment to developing future leaders. LEAD College is more than just a school; it’s a demonstration of what can be accomplished when dedicated visionaries work together to educate and mould the future’s leaders.

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