A Tribute to a Dedicated Public Servant: Nissy Sabu

A Tribute to a Dedicated Public Servant: Nissy Sabu
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On the night of Tuesday, June 11, 2024, tragedy struck when my dear friend Prakash’s elder brother Pradeep’s second son, Prajeesh (affectionately known as Chandu), passed away. From the moment I arrived at their house on Puthiya Road in Kalamassery, I couldn’t help but notice a particular woman who was present throughout the entire ordeal.

This woman was there not only at the house but also accompanied us to the Kalamassery Medical College when the body was transported there. She was also present during the numerous visits to the police station related to the death. I initially assumed she was a close family member of Prakash’s, which is why I didn’t inquire about her.

Her presence continued until about 2 AM on the night of Chandu’s death. The next morning, Wednesday, June 12, 2024, I went back to Kalamassery Medical College for the post-mortem, and there she was again. The post-mortem was completed sooner than expected, and by around 1 PM, we managed to bring Chandu’s body back to the house in Kalamassery.

That day, due to unexpected crowding at the crematoriums around Kalamassery and Eloor, we were unable to get a slot for the cremation. Eventually, we secured a time at the SNDP crematorium in Aluva at 4 PM. To my surprise, the woman was there too, and she stayed until everyone dispersed after the cremation.

My ancestral home is near this crematorium. As I stood at the gate, I saw the woman getting into an ambulance. Curious about her identity, I called Prakash. He informed me that she was the ward councilor of Puthiya Road, Kalamassery.

Her dedication left a profound impression on me, and I wanted to learn more about her. Through my friend Shinod from Kalamassery and some online research, I discovered that she is Nissy Sabu, the councilor of Puthiya Road and the chairperson of the standing committee of Eloor Municipality. I also managed to get her mobile number.

I called Nissy Madam to express my admiration and respect for her selfless service. I learned that she resides in the Hindalco Labor Quarters in Kalamassery.

Today, Sunday, during the rituals of immersing Chandu’s ashes in the Periyar River at Manappuram, Aluva, Nissy Madam was present again.

This entire experience has shown me what it truly means to be a public servant. It demonstrated how deeply committed a public servant can be. Too often, I’ve seen leaders make brief appearances with their aides and leave once the formalities are over. Nissy Madam, however, stayed through every moment, providing unwavering support to the grieving family.

We need more selfless public servants like Nissy Sabu in our community. Her ability to empathize with and support ordinary people in their most difficult times is a testament to her character and dedication.

May God bless Nissy Madam and her family with health and happiness. May she continue to be a symbol of goodness in many hearts and serve the community with honor and dedication for a long time.

With deep respect and admiration,

Dr. Sajeev Dev
Mentor and Founder,
Nlight Training Counseling and Consultancy, Aluva
9447365545 / 7736609299

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