Implanting Hope: The Amazing Journey of Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul in Dentistry

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In the annals of dental history, there are stories that stand out as extraordinary, defying conventions and inspiring awe. Prosthodontist and implantologist Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul’s story is one of these kinds. His groundbreaking work has not only changed people’s smiles but also put his name in the world records.

The Best of Implantology: A 100-Year-Old’s Smile

An important event took place at the Mazhuvenchery Speciality Dental Clinic, Aluva, on June 8, 2012. Rev. Fr. John Mathews Elanjileth, who is 92 years old, got a dental implant thanks to Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul’s skill and unwavering determination. Not only was the patient very old, but Father John still has the world’s longest-lasting and fully functional tooth implant today, at the age of 102.

The Dedication of a Visionary

The path Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul has taken in dentistry shows how dedicated and innovative he is. After getting his degree with honors from Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, he started a journey that would change the limits of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Implantology.

His dedication to pushing the limits of traditional dentistry is clear in the Mouth Stick Appliance he created for disabled patients, a ground-breaking solution that showed how innovative and caring he was. This invention, which was the first case recorded in India and the fifth in the world overall, showed how dedicated Dr. Paul was to making dentistry available to everyone, even those with physical limitations.

Making History: The Implant of the Centenarian

It’s not just about Rev. Fr. John Mathews Elanjileth’s tooth implant that made his life better; it’s about changing the rules of what’s possible in dentistry. The careful planning, precise surgery, and six months of waiting paid off with a prosthetic rehabilitation that was better than expected.

Father John’s dedication to regular follow-up visits for the past 10 years shows how much Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul’s knowledge has changed his life. At age 102, Father John not only has a happy smile, but he also lives a healthy life in the United States of America. He is a real example of how dental implants can change people’s lives.

Recognition and More

Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul has received praise from people outside of the center. He has made a lot of important contributions to the field as an expert Maxillo-facial Prosthodontist at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi and as a professor of Prosthodontics and Implantology at MES Dental College in Perinthalmanna.

Because he always tried to be the best, the Universal Record Forum gave him the World Record for the successful dental implant in the oldest live patient. The fact that Dr. Paul was named a worldwide Networker at the JCI Academy in Japan shows how important he is on a worldwide level.

A Source of Inspiration

Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul’s life story is an example for people who want to become dentists or other health care workers. His dedication to new ideas, caring for others, and always striving for the best has not only broken records but also changed lives.

In the world of dentistry, Dr. Jijo Paul continues to inspire and push the limits of what is possible as the Managing Director of Mazhuvenchery Speciality Dental Clinic and a well-known figure. His story shows that many things are possible in healthcare if you have the right mindset, skills, and a caring heart.

We honor Prof. Dr. Jijo Paul’s accomplishments not only as a dentist, but also as a visionary whose work has left a lasting mark on the field of dentistry. His legacy shows how dentistry can change lives. Every smile he makes is a work of art, and every patient he treats becomes a living example of the artistry of care and skill.

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