Dr. VBM Riyas: The Versatile Psychologist and Educational Luminary

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The Versatile Psychologist and Educational Psychologist Dr. VBM Riyas

In a world full of experts, some stand out from the crowd thanks to their adaptability and dedication. Without a doubt, Dr. VBM Riyas is one of these extraordinary people. In addition to being a consultant, he is also a well-respected Psychologist, Mentor, Success Coach, and International Trainer who specialises in working with global corporations, particularly those in the healthcare industry, which includes hospitals and pharmacies.

A Luminary of Educational Programmes
Dr. Riyas has weaved a rich tapestry of experience and dedication to teaching into his professional life. His dedication to teaching is one of the many reasons he is so well-known in his business. His live performances appeal to a wide range of people, and his expertise is widely acknowledged around the world.

An Active Public Speaker and Educator
Dr. Riyas is an accomplished trainer and public speaker who has helped more than 200,000 people reach their goals. His impact may be seen in classrooms and boardrooms across India and beyond. His motivational lectures and workshops have changed people and set their sights on the stars.

From Medical Imaging Technology to Psychology
Dr. Riyas has had a wonderful scholastic path that began with his graduation from Manipal University with a degree in Medical Imaging Technology. His curiosity, however, led him to the fascinating field of psychology. He earned his doctorate after completing two master’s degrees in psychology and a post-master’s diploma in psychotherapy and counseling.

A Unique Qualification Blend
Dr. Riyas’s expertise in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology, among other Allied Health Science disciplines, sets him apart in the field of Psychology. He is in a rare position to be able to delve into the complexity of the human mind and behaviour from both a medical and psychological perspective. This eclectic methodology is what sets him apart as a voice in the field of psychology.

Enterprising Ventures
Dr. Riyas’s impact isn’t limited to the boundaries of his office. He is the head scientist at G-KIN Farms and Health Private Limited, a company with its own in-house R&D department where he works as the Scientific Expert. This dynamic crew has zeroed down on the production of health supplements, with an emphasis on those aimed squarely at kids. Dr. Riyas’s participation in this type of initiative demonstrates his dedication to improving the health of the next generation.

Contributions to Society
But that’s not the end of his dedication. Dr. Riyas is also the head of ARISE (Aid in Redressal and Invention for Sustained Ecstasy), a nonprofit that does life-improving research and development. Through this group, he steers initiatives to solve critical problems and bring about long-term prosperity and contentment. Dr. Riyas’ commitment to society is on full display in the ARISE projects he has spearheaded.

Dr. Riyas and IAGC
Dr. Riyas has been honoured by his peers in the guidance and counselling community by being elected to the role of IAGC Chairman. Members of this group come from all over the world and share a commitment to raising the bar for the guidance and counselling industry, which will have far-reaching effects on people and places everywhere. The IAGC is a powerful force for good because its members share a commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation.

Dr. Riyas continues to serve as a shining example of the importance of education in shaping the future. Mellow Valley International School in Adimaly, Idukki District, which he founded and currently directs. His faith in education’s ability to change the world is reflected in this establishment. Dr. Riyas is dedicated to educating and inspiring the youth of today to become the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow and responsible members of society.

The Founder of Mellow Valley
Mellow Valley International School (MVIS) was founded by the brilliant Dr. Riyas. At this school, we are committed to developing our kids’ minds, bodies, communities, and souls for the rest of their lives. MVIS accomplishes this goal by encouraging a comprehensive comprehension of global education that is harmoniously interwoven with the knowledge of religious and regional practises. In addition, it incorporates a modernised version of a traditional Life Skill Programme.

Dr. VBM Riyas is a shining example of quality and adaptability in the wide field of psychology and education. His outstanding qualities as a leader, educator, and individual empowerment advocate make him a one-of-a-kind character. Dr. Riyas is more than a consultant or psychologist; he’s also a coach, a mentor, and a beacon for those who want to make it in the world. Both the community, where he works to make a difference, and the education of the next generation benefit from his efforts. Dr. VBM Riyas is an ever-present beacon of light in a world desperate for motivation and wisdom.

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