Dr. Tony Fernandez: The Visionary Eye Doctor Of Aluva

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Dr. Tony Fernandez Eye Hospital, which has since become synonymous with excellence, was established in the year 2008 in the heart of Aluva, Kerala. This year marks the beginning of a healthcare milestone that has become synonymous with perfection. This super-specialized eye hospital, which was established by the highly regarded Dr. S. Tony Fernandez, has not only revolutionised the field of eye care in Ernakulam, but it has also left an indelible impression on the field of medicine, turning it into a symbol of hope and healing.

A Legacy of Excellence:

In Kerala, Dr. Tony Fernandez is considered to be a doyen in the field of ocular surgery due to his more than half a century of professional brilliance and humanitarian service. He is also considered to be one of the most senior. His adventure started when he was an Assistant Professor at Madurai Medical College, where he was instructed by the internationally famous Professor, Dr. G. Venketasamy, who passed away. During his time at this institution, he established the Orthoptic and Pleoptic Department, which was a pioneering endeavour that led to the establishment of a training school for the treatment of squint cases. This endeavour demonstrated his dedication to the advancement of ophthalmology.

Pioneering Eye Care in Kerala:

In 1969, Dr. Tony Fernandez became a member of the staff of the Little Flower Mission Hospital in Angamaly, which was located in Kerala while it was still a small village. Having started with a small eye wing with only five beds, he was able to grow the ophthalmology department into a CBM Ophthalmic Institute with two hundred beds, so winning not only recognition in India but also in other countries. His forward-thinking approach resulted in the establishment of free eye camps in 1971 as well as school screening programmes in Kerala with the goal of preventing blindness that may have been avoided.

Through his organisation, the Eye Bank Association, which was established in 1970, Dr. Tony Fernandez was able to organise the collection of thousands of eye balls, which ultimately resulted in corneal transplants that restored sight to a great number of people. Through his leadership and pioneering attitude, he brought various novel surgeries to Kerala. These surgeries included intraocular implantation, refractive keratoplasty, squint, and corneal transplantation. As a result, patients came from all over the country and even from other countries to undergo these procedures.

Leadership and Recognition:

Beyond the confines of the operating room, Dr. Tony Fernandez has made significant contributions. At the same time that he was unanimously elected to the position of President of the Indian Ophthalmological Society in 1994, he also served as the Editor of the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology for a period of five years. In addition to holding managerial positions in the Indian Medical Council and the Medical Faculty of M.G. University, his influence was felt on a nationally significant scale.

The recognition he has received is evidence of the influence and dedication he has had. Underscoring his unrivalled achievements to the field of medicine are the Padmasree Award, which was bestowed upon him by the President of India, the B.C. Roy Award, which was bestowed upon him by the Medical Council of India, and the title of “Chevalier,” which was bestowed upon him by Pope Benedict XVI, the highest papal honour.

Humanitarian Endeavors:

The devotion that Dr. Tony Fernandez has to the general welfare of society extends beyond the confines of the institution. In Aluva, he established the Anwar Memorial Hospital, which is directed by his son, Dr. Freddy T. Simon, at the present day. Due to the fact that Dr. Tony Fernandez’s vision encompassed the establishment of Anwar Palliative Care, it demonstrates the profound humanitarianism that he possesses.

In his capacity as the founder and president of the charitable organisation known as Kerala Action Force, Dr. Tony Fernandez is actively involved in a variety of training programmes, including those pertaining to first aid, youth development, rehabilitation for the disabled, pain and palliative clinics, and the promotion of voluntary blood and eye donation. His influence extends to a Family Trust, which is engaged in philanthropic activities such as providing financial support for the education of disadvantaged children, building homes for those who are in need, and providing rehabilitation services to those who are disabled and underserved.

A Living Legacy:

With the establishment of his eponymous hospital in Aluva five years ago, Dr. Tony Fernandez has now entrusted his son with the responsibility of managing the facility. His enduring reputation as a healer, visionary, and humanitarian is characterised by a commitment to quality, compassionate patient care, and a tireless pursuit of social well-being. His legacy will live on for generations to come.

As a result of the incomparable contributions he made to the field of medicine, his humanitarian work, and his revolutionary leadership, Dr. S. Tony Fernandez continues to be a prominent character in the annals of Kerala’s medical history. He is also a beacon of hope for those who will come after him in the area of healthcare. In the process of forming a society that is both healthier and more compassionate, his path serves as a powerful demonstration of the transforming power of determination, competence, and compassion.

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