Discovering Scotland and Martin Haworth’s Roaming Scotland: A Personal Experience

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In the heart of Scotland, my daughter Nanda.TS, who is currently pursuing her MSc in Business and Management at the University of Stirling, has found more than just an educational journey.

She resides in the welcoming home of Martin Haworth and his wife, Alexandra, who is also affiliated with the University of Stirling. Their kindness and hospitality have made a profound impression on Nanda, and through her, I have come to know about Martin’s exceptional venture, Roaming Scotland.

Martin Haworth has crafted a unique and enriching experience for travelers and adventure seekers with Roaming Scotland. Based in Clackmannanshire, Roaming Scotland delves deep into the country’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Martin’s love for Scotland is evident in every aspect of his business, making the perfect starting point for anyone seeking an unforgettable journey.

Exploring Scotland’s Natural and Historical Treasures

Roaming Scotland invites you to explore the rugged beauty of the Highlands, the gentle hills of the Lowlands, and the mystical islands of the Hebrides. Martin’s expertly crafted tours cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. Whether you’re passionate about history, nature, or culture, Roaming Scotland offers something truly special.

Carefully Curated Itineraries

Martin’s dedication to uncovering Scotland’s hidden gems is clear in his detailed itineraries, which include:


      • Historic Castles and Ruins: Explore the storied past of Scotland through guided tours.

      • Scenic Drives: Experience the breathtaking landscapes of the Highlands and Lowlands.

      • Wildlife and Outdoor Adventures: Encounter Scotland’s diverse wildlife and enjoy outdoor activities.

      • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in traditional music, cuisine, and exclusive local events and festivals.

      • Personalized Storytelling: Learn about Scotland’s history through Martin’s engaging narratives.

      • Gourmet Picnics and Whisky Tastings: Taste the best of Scotland in beautiful settings.

      • Luxury Accommodations: Stay in carefully selected lodgings that enhance your travel experience.

    Commitment to Quality

    Roaming Scotland’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience is evident in Martin’s:


        • Expert Knowledge and Passion: His deep understanding and love for Scotland’s history and culture enrich every tour.

        • Attention to Detail: Ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for all guests.

        • Customization Options: Flexibility to tailor tours to individual preferences.

        • Local Connections: Strong relationships with local communities and businesses.

        • Sustainable Practices: Commitment to environmentally friendly tourism and supporting the local economy.

      A Personal Touch of Hospitality

      Nanda has shared with me how wonderfully Martin and Alexandra treat her, making her stay in Scotland not just comfortable but truly special. Their warmth and generosity extend beyond just being her landlords; they have welcomed her into their lives, providing guidance and support as she navigates her studies and life in a new country. This personal touch has made a significant impact on Nanda, and through her experiences, I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards Martin and Alexandra.

      An Accomplished Author

      Martin is also a published author, known for his ‘Z-Rod’ trilogy, which showcases his talent and passion for storytelling. His ability to weave engaging narratives adds a unique dimension to his tours, enriching the experience with fascinating stories and insights.

      A Wealth of Experience

      Before establishing Roaming Scotland, Martin and Alexandra spent 14 years living in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Their extensive travels have given them a deep appreciation for hospitality and what it takes to make a visit memorable. Having run two guest house businesses in Scotland for nine years, they have mastered the art of providing a warm and genuine welcome.

      Start Your Scottish Journey

      Join Martin Haworth and Roaming Scotland for a remarkable adventure. Discover the charm and beauty of Scotland with the guidance of a true local expert. Visit to begin planning your journey. Let Martin take you through the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Scotland, ensuring an experience you will remember forever.

      All this information and more comes from the heartfelt experiences shared by my daughter, Nanda, who is fortunate to have such kind and dedicated hosts. Through her eyes, I have come to admire Martin Haworth not just as a host and guide, but as a person committed to sharing the very best of Scotland with the world.

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