Don’t Worry, Be Useful: Why Helping Others is the Key to a Successful Life

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If you are useful to people all your life, there will be hundreds and millions of people to take care of you.

How many times have you heard people in your life say, If I don’t make money, I can’t take care of myself and my family? It’s important to understand that this logic is faulty and that there are many other ways of being successful in life. One of the key principles of having a fulfilling and sustainable life involves remembering that you aren’t successful if you aren’t helping other people be successful. Many others will help you if you help them first.

It Feels Good To Help Others
The world can seem like it’s falling apart sometimes. But it feels good to know that even if you’re just one person trying your best, you can make a difference in someone else’s life. When we help others, we get that feeling of satisfaction and joy. It feels really good to be useful and helpful.

People Who Help Others Are More likely to be Helped Themselves
In his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, John Wooden discussed the importance of being ‘useful’ in your life. He said that if you were useful to people all your life, there would be hundreds and millions of people who would take care of you. This was such an inspiring message! I think that this quote really resonates with me because I’ve never been one for thinking about what will happen to me when I’m older. Even though I know that it’s important and necessary to plan for retirement and save up for retirement expenses like health insurance premiums or what have you – these tasks just don’t appeal to me much and so they fall by the wayside on my long list of things-to-do.

Being Useful Teaches Responsibility
In order to be useful, you need to be responsible. We are all equals and we have an obligation to help each other and teach responsibility. There’s a saying that goes like this: If you’re useful all your life, there will be hundreds and millions of people taking care of you. The idea behind it is that if you do something good for somebody else during your life – even if it’s as small as opening a door or picking up trash – they’ll remember you with love when they go out into the world. Likewise, if somebody does something nice for us in return – even just smiles at us or helps us find our way home at night – we feel grateful and happy.

Helping Others Can Lead To Lasting Friendships
Many people think it’s better to use people for their own benefit and not be of any use. This is not true. If you are useful to people all your life, there will be hundreds and millions of people to take care of you. Doing something for somebody else doesn’t mean that they owe you anything in return. If somebody does something for you without expecting anything in return, it means that they like you as a person and not just what they can get from you.
It’s important because if everybody was only looking out for themselves then nobody would have anybody else in their lives who cared about them and wanted what was best for them.

When You’re Useful, People Want To Spend Time With You
People want to spend time with those who are useful. Think about it. If you were friends with two people and one of them was always there for you when you needed help and did nice things for you, wouldn’t you be more inclined to spend time with that person? Even if he or she wasn’t always doing something for you, your friendship would be based on the premise of being able to count on him or her.
A lot of people will say they’re afraid they’ll never find success because they’re not good at anything or don’t have any marketable skills. But in my opinion, if we’re all being honest here, none of us are really very good at anything! I’m certainly no expert at anything.

Being Useful Is Good For Your Physical Health
Focusing on being useful has many benefits. For example, it can help you live longer. Studies have shown that people who devote their time to helping others are more likely to enjoy better physical health than those who don’t engage in such behavior. Volunteering has been found to lower blood pressure and risk of heart attack as well as reduce depression. And because volunteers are healthier, they’re also less likely to need expensive medical care or long-term care.
In addition, being useful will help you feel happier and more fulfilled in your life. Giving away your time and talents can provide an enormous sense of satisfaction that money simply cannot buy.
Finally, doing good for others will make you much happier too!

Being Useful Is Good For Your Mental Health
Many people think that they need money or material items in order to be happy. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, often times being useful can lead to more happiness than if you were living in luxury. Here are some reasons why being useful will make your life better.

  • It lets you feel useful and part of something bigger than yourself – It gives you a sense of purpose – It leads to new friendships – It helps take care of your mental health – You get a sense of belonging and community

Being Useful Makes You A happier Person
We often forget that helping others can make us happy. Being useful makes you feel good about yourself because you are doing something for someone else. If you’re always looking out for other people’s needs and not your own, it will increase your self-esteem and make you feel more fulfilled. It’s important to take care of yourself but it’s also important to put in some time into helping others. Just remember, if you’re useful all your life there will be hundreds and millions of people who’ll take care of you when the time comes.

Usefulness Leads To A Fulfilling Life
If you are useful to people all your life, there will be hundreds and millions of people to take care of you.
Everyone needs help sometimes. Whether it’s someone in need of emotional support or someone who needs a ride home from work because they missed the bus. Being helpful can lead to a fulfilling life because when you care for others it not only makes them feel better but it also makes you feel more connected with humanity.

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