Motivation is like fire: unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values.

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Motivation is like fire unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies.
Your fuel is your belief in your inner values..

Motivation is like fire unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values.. Imagine an Olympic athlete with all the right training and physical condition, who just loses motivation when the starting gun fires at the Games. They don’t do their best, or even close to their best, because they lost sight of why they were there in the first place – not only to win medals but also to see what they’re made of and do something that matters to them as human beings.

The higher self
Every day we are faced with a battle between our higher selves and our lower selves for control of what we do and how we feel about what we do. The higher self wants us to make the right choices for ourselves and our families so that we can be happy, healthy and prosperous. The lower self wants us to make choices that are in line with society’s expectations of us so that we fit in and don’t stand out from the crowd; this includes fulfilling the needs of our physical body by eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping enough hours every night and avoiding anything which might cause damage or pain such as drugs or alcohol.

The role of motivation
Achieving motivation can be as simple as having a goal. Though this goal can be anything from making the world a better place to taking that long overdue vacation with friends and family, there are some steps we can take to make sure our motivation doesn’t die out before we get started.
The first step is understanding what motivates us—whether that’s altruism or ambition or some other factor altogether. Once you understand what drives you, it’s important not only to have a plan for achieving that goal but also for maintaining that drive so it lasts until the goal has been met.

The importance of fuel
It’s no secret that motivation is everything when it comes to getting things done. Whether you are working on something for yourself or for someone else, without the right kind of motivation the task at hand can feel impossible and insurmountable. The key question then becomes what exactly can motivate us? Motivation has many different sources but one of the most important ones is our own sense of self-worth and how we value ourselves as a person. This powerful internal compass that all humans have inside them can often be overlooked but doing so will leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled as people because deep down we know that we are capable of achieving more than what we are currently doing with our lives.

The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
Extrinsic motivation occurs when someone’s actions are motivated by external forces. When these forces are removed, the motivation will disappear as well. Extrinsic motivation does not originate from within the person and thus does not have any lasting effects on their behavior.
Intrinsic motivation occurs when someone’s actions are motivated by internal forces that come from within the person themselves and persist even after the external stimuli has been removed. Intrinsic motivation originates from within and can have a significant effect on one’s behavior over time because it is based on internal factors rather than outside influences.

The relationship between motivation and values
What motivates us? Our own personal set of values and beliefs that we hold about the world. Values are the things that are important to us such as family, faith and freedom. Motivation is our drive or desire for something because of what it means to us personally – our values. If we don’t believe in a value or if we don’t want something, then motivation will not be present either.

Central tenet of motivation psychology
A central tenet of motivation psychology is that people are more motivated when they are focused on their goals. This means that people who are passionate about what they’re doing will be more motivated than those who aren’t passionate about their work. In the end, there’s no way around it: if you want to be more productive and successful (and happier!), then start by following your passion and pursuing the things that light a fire within you!

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