Trust Your instincts

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Trust Your instincts – it’s the Universe inspiring You..!!

Are You Listening to Your Instincts? The Universe Might Be Trying to Tell You Something…

If you’ve ever felt like you have been guided towards something, or that you received some sort of sign from the universe, you’re not alone! We’ve all experienced intuition or vibes, where we just know something to be true even though there isn’t any evidence to back it up. This phenomenon happens more often than you might think, and it could indicate that the Universe wants you to take a particular path in life. Here are three examples of how the Universe can tell you what to do through your intuition.

What are Intuition and Instinct?

An instinct is an innate, natural or inborn tendency or capacity; while intuition means the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Intuition is a powerful form of perception that people use to sense what’s going on around them. When you’re in tune with your intuition, you can feel when something doesn’t feel right and know when it’s time for change.
Instinct is the body’s way of telling us something without having to think about it. For example, when you’re thirsty, your mouth waters and your tongue feels dry; this tells you that you need water.
Both intuition and instinct work together as a package deal– one can’t exist without the other.

How can I tell if my Intuition is speaking to me?

How do you know if your intuition is speaking to you? There are a few ways. First, pay attention to any feelings of fear, sadness, anger or excitement. Intuition often tries to get your attention through emotions that are so powerful they create a visceral reaction. Second, listen for thoughts in your head that don’t seem like yours. If you’re thinking I can’t believe I just did this or What was I thinking when I said that? then there’s a good chance that your intuition is telling you something.

How can I trust my Intuition?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, why am I doubting myself? Trusting your intuition is trusting that what you are feeling or sensing is true and accurate. It’s the inner voice that says No, when everyone else says Yes. It’s the inner voice that tells you, this feels right. And it’s the inner voice that says, this isn’t right.
You can try these three things if you’re having a hard time trusting your intuition: 1) Stop thinking so much. 2) Slow down and listen. 3) Practice mindfulness and meditation.

What if I’m wrong about my Intuition?

If you’re feeling unsure about your intuition, think about these three things: 1) What does it feel like when your intuition is telling you something is wrong or that something needs to change? 2) What do other people tell you in response to your intuition (either when they listen or when they don’t)? 3) When have you been wrong in the past and what happened as a result of not listening to your instincts?
If the feelings are strong and universal, the answer may be stay tuned. If it’s just a hunch and feels more like paranoia than anything else, then maybe it’s time for some self-care.

How do I know if it’s just my imagination?

Do you ever have the feeling that something is about to happen, but then it doesn’t? It can be really hard to tell if your instincts are just a figment of your imagination or if they’re actually picking up on something. I’ve had my fair share of moments where I felt like something was going on, and then it turned out that nothing was happening. But other times, I had this gut feeling that something bad was about to go down–and lo and behold, something happened. So how do you know when your instincts are telling you the truth or not? Here’s a quick guide:
-If your instinct tells you something bad is about to happen, but nothing does–it might have just been a coincidence.

How can I use my Intuition in my everyday life?

Intuition is your inner voice and it’s always trying to tell you something. Here are a few ways to start listening:

  1. Keep a journal and write down any thoughts that come into your head. Maybe it’s just a word or phrase, but it could be the message the universe is trying to send you! 2. Pick up on cues from others. When someone says or does something, ask yourself why they would have said that or done that at that moment.

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