The Power of Surrender: Why Being Wrong, in Doubt, and Right Can Make Us Stronger

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Surrendering, in any context, can be difficult because it involves admitting to ourselves that we’re wrong or that we don’t know everything. But when we surrender, whether it’s to another person, to an event that has just happened, or to our own limitations, we make room for other people and life experiences to come into our lives and fill that void. Surrender also means letting go of fear or guilt and focusing on what really matters in the present moment.

Surrendering to being wrong
It can be difficult to admit that we are wrong. In many situations it feels like a sign of weakness. It’s natural to want to defend our position when someone tells us we’re wrong. But the truth is that being wrong can actually make us stronger. When you admit you’re wrong, you create a culture where it is safe for others to do so as well. You also open yourself up to new ideas which can only make your business better.

Surrendering to being in doubt
I am often wrong. I am often in doubt. But if I surrender to the idea that I might be wrong or in doubt, then I can grow. If I surrender to the idea that others might have knowledge or insight that is not mine, then I can grow. If I don’t feel like being right all the time and instead opt to make peace with those who disagree with me or hold other beliefs than my own, then we all have an opportunity to grow.

Surrendering to being right
This is why being wrong can be a powerful experience. When we have to accept that we were wrong, it means that we have the humility to admit our mistakes. This can bring us closer to other people who may have been judging us for being wrong. It also allows us to understand why other people may have been right about something when we were wrong about the same thing.

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