Rekhesh Sharma: The New Dynamic National President of JCI India, 2024

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In the history of leadership, there are some people who stand out as true inspirations who lead their communities to make good changes. JCI India’s National President for 2024, JCI Senator Rekhesh Sharma, has a story that shows how hard work, determination, and a strong desire to serve can change things.

Early Life and Education:

Rekhesh Sharma, JCI Senator, was born just days after India’s first astronaut, Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, went into space. His parents, Ramakrishnan Master and Sarala Devi, were both respected government school teachers in Kerala. His early years were marked by academic success, which was clear when he was a student.

The journey of leadership begins:

Rekhesh Sharma’s journey as a leader began when he was in elementary school and was chosen to be the School Leader for the 4th grade. Early on, he showed an interest in politics. When he was 10, he joined the Kerala Students Union because Rajiv Gandhi, who was Prime Minister at the time, moved him to do so.

Excellence in Literature and Academics:

Rekhesh was smart in areas other than politics, like writing and science. He won many quiz and speech competitions at the state level and went to prestigious schools such as Sree Narayana College Nattika, Christ College Irinjalakuda, St. Thomas College Thrissur, Govt. Law College Thrissur, and the Indian Law Institute New Delhi.

Entry into JCI:

When Rekhesh Sharma was 18, he joined JCI Triprayar, which was a change from being involved in student government. His quick rise in the company was due to his dedication to providing excellent service and leadership.

Notable Achievements in JCI:

Rekhesh Sharma has won a lot of praise in the JCI society over the years. In 2002, they were chosen as the National Convenor of the South India Law Students Union. In 2003, they received the Outstanding New Jaycee Award. In 2012, they served as a CoC member at the National Convention hosted by the Jaycees of Kerala.

Zone Director G&D and Unprecedented Contributions:

In 2016, Rekhesh Sharma made a bigger difference when he was named Zone Director G&D of Zone XX. Zone XX made the biggest donation to the JCI India Foundation ever—25 Lacs—while he was in charge. This made it the first good Zone in India.

Zone President and Outstanding Officer:

When Rekhesh Sharma was elected as Zone President in 2018, he put new ideas into action, such as making the ZGB electronic and implementing digital reporting. The caring side of leadership was shown by his great work during the 2018 Kerala flood disaster. At the 2016 National Convention, he won the Outstanding Zone Officer Award for these efforts.

National Roles and Recognition:

When Rekhesh Sharma was hired as the General Legal Counsel of JCI India in 2019, he had to deal with problems head-on. In 2020, he was reappointed, and both years he won the Outstanding National Officer Award. He continued to lead as National Vice President in 2021, when he became the first NVP who was both positive on both sides during the COVID pandemic.

Philanthropy and Social Initiatives:

Rekhesh Sharma cared about social issues in more ways than just JCI. He helped with flood relief in Kerala, which shows how JCI is involved in community work. He used his law knowledge in a number of roles, such as being named the National law Advisor of AICC AIFC and the State Chairman of the Legal Vertical of All India Professionals’ Congress.

Global Engagements:

In 2014, Rakhesh Sharma went to the Philippines for the World Environment Summit. In 2021, he went to Japan for the JCI Academy, and in 2023, he went to Germany for the UN Change Makers Academy.

The National President in 2024:

Rekhesh Sharma was elected as the National President of JCI India for 2024. He is now in charge of an organization that is ready to keep growing and making a difference. His six years on the National Governing Board and four years on the National Executive Committee show how dedicated and helpful he was.

Family and Personal Life:

Rekhesh Sharma serves as a role model in both his personal and business life. He is married to Jc. Jisna Rekhesh, who works at Smart City Cochin, and they have a daughter named Jclt. Diya Sharma.

Rekhesh Sharma’s journey as a JCI Senator shows what it means to be a leader, to serve others, and to always strive for greatness. As he becomes National President in 2024, his story is an inspiration to everyone because it shows how leadership based on purpose, kindness, and a strong desire for positive change can change things.

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