Let the heart rule

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All beautiful things start from Your Heart..
All bad things start from Your Mind..
So never let the mind rule Your Heart..
Let the heart rule Your Mind..

Why You Should Never Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart

Why do we fall in love with some people and not others? Why do certain breakups feel so painful and others just like water off a duck’s back? Why do some relationships go from amazing to awful overnight, while others last for years? We may never have all the answers to these questions, but there are some things that are easier to understand than others. For example, science has shown that the key to a healthy and happy relationship lies in your heart and not your mind—and it’s incredibly easy to forget this and lose sight of what’s important.

The Heart Is More Powerful Than the Mind

The mind and the heart are not the same thing. The mind is a part of our body that processes information and thinks rationally, whereas the heart is often considered to be your emotional center. The mind is logical; the heart is intuitive. When you let your emotions or feelings rule your decisions without input from your reasoning abilities, this can lead to some negative outcomes. It’s important to have both parts of yourself in balance so that you can make informed decisions based on logic as well as emotion.

The Mind Is Easily Manipulated

It is so easy to convince yourself that you are unhappy and that nothing will ever change. It is so easy to believe the negative comments your friends or family say about you, rather than the positive ones. It is so easy to fall into an endless loop of self-loathing, telling yourself that you are unlovable and unattractive and completely deserving of whatever bad things happen to you. It is so easy to see everything through a lens of fear, convincing yourself that there’s something sinister lurking around every corner.

The Heart Is More Pure

The heart is the most pure place in the world. It has not been corrupted by the outside world, and it is filled with love. When you let your heart rule your mind, you know what is right and wrong in every situation because it tells you what to do. This can be a difficult feat, as our minds are always thinking about something else and we’re constantly distracted with little things that need to get done. But if you train yourself to focus on what matters most to you, which is usually people in your life, then letting your heart rule will be easier than ever before.

The Heart Is More Creative

All beautiful things start from your heart. All bad things start from your mind. So never let the mind rule the heart. Let the heart rule the mind. When you’re in a bad mood, try to be creative and do something productive to get out of it, instead of letting it consume you. Things like drawing or writing can help release pent up anger or sadness and make you feel better about yourself. Another way to get out of a funk is by drinking some tea or hot chocolate with lots of little marshmallows in it (a cup full!) It’ll warm you up and make you feel less down so that your heart can take over again!

The Heart Is More Intuitive

One of the most common phrases you will hear in life is, follow your heart. There are many reasons why this is such a powerful piece of advice. First, the heart is more intuitive than the mind. Second, our hearts are made to feel and give love while our minds are made to think and provide critical analysis. Finally, when we listen to our hearts instead of our minds, we feel peaceful and calm as opposed to anxious or angry. When it comes down to it, for better or worse, the heart rules the mind in every aspect of life.

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