Joby Mathew: Defying Limits and Pursuing Paralympic Dreams

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Regarded as a symbol of resiliency, determination, and an unyielding spirit that defies physical constraints, Joby Mathew is a prominent figure in the world of para-athletics. Joby, who was born with proximal femoral focal deficit (PFFD), a condition that caused his legs to be stunted, has not only won the world of para-sports, but he is also setting his sights on a new challenge: the World Para Powerlifting Asia Oceania Open Championships, which will take place in Korea.

The Pioneer in the Field of Para-Athletics
The odds have been stacked against Joby Mathew, who was born in 1976, from the very beginning. He accepted his physical obstacles and became a dominant force in the field of para-athletics despite the fact that he was born with sixty percent of his limitations as a result of his birth condition. As part of his accomplishments, Joby won a gold medal for India at the 29th World Arm Wrestling Championship, which took place in Spain. Additionally, he won five gold medals at the World Dwarf Games 2013, which took place in Michigan.

A Multifaceted Athlete and Motivational Speaker
In addition to the medals he has won, Joby’s journey is not complete. As a sports trainer for Bharat Petroleum Corporation, he is a real polymath in the field of sports. He has worked many years in the industry. Not only is he a successful athlete in the sports of arm wrestling, para-badminton, and athletics throw events, but he is also the first person in India to fence while using a wheelchair. Joby exemplifies variety in sports by having a brown belt in karate, being a member of the Kerala state parasailing and paragliding squad, and having a fondness for swimming.

Recognition and Honors
The successes that Joby has achieved have not gone unnoticed. In 2013, the Rotary Club of Cochin Knights presented him with their ninth vocational excellence award in recognition of his career goals. This accolade highlighted his extraordinary achievements to the realm of para-sports as well as his role as a figure who inspires others.

A New Chapter: Para Powerlifting Championships
At the age of 46, Joby is about to go on an adventure that is unlike any other: the World Para Powerlifting Asia Oceania Open Championships, which will take place in Korea. This marks a dramatic move into powerlifting at the highest level, despite the fact that the athlete has already won 24 international medals in a variety of disciplines, including arm wrestling and para-badminton.

Overcoming Challenges and Setting Goals
The trip that Joby is taking to Korea is about more than just acquiring another medal. In doing so, he is pursuing a dream that he has held dear for a very long time: competing in the Paralympics. Despite the fact that Joby has a lot of experience in the field of para-athletics, powerlifting at this level gives him with a fresh and different challenge, which he is prepared to take on head-on no matter what.

The Indomitable Spirit Continues
Joby’s Facebook message, which he posted just before boarding the aeroplane to Korea, oozes a sense of drive and a desire for more. His picture caption is, “I am going to Korea for Para Powerlifting World Championship 2022 as a part of Team India to qualify for the Upcoming Asian Games and Paris Paralympics 2024.” The indomitable spirit that Joby possesses and his unrelenting quest of perfection in athletics are both reflected in this.

 Joby Mathew’s Saga of Triumph
The story of Joby Mathew’s journey is one of triumph over hardship; it is a narrative that goes beyond the confines of physical constraints. Despite the difficulties that life throws at him, Joby continues to be an inspiration not only as an athlete but also as a symbol of unyielding tenacity and the conviction that one’s aspirations are attainable. This is the case even when he moves into the domain of para powerlifting.

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