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If you throw blame, then blame will come back to you. If you give compliments, you will see it comes back to you manifolds. This is the law of attraction: whatever you throw bounces back to you..!!

The law of attraction: whatever you throw, bounces back to you.

Have you ever noticed that when we throw blame, we get blamed in return? Have you ever noticed that when we give compliments, we attract more of them? This happens because of the law of attraction, which states that whatever you throw bounces back to you. Understanding this principle will help you gain clarity in your relationships and interactions with other people, but it will also help you in your dealings with yourself too! Let’s take a look at how this works in real life situations. How you see yourself always determines how others treat you.

What is the law of attraction?

Law of Attraction is a theory that states that the universe will give you what you’re asking for based on your thoughts and feelings. The idea is that we create our own reality and the things that happen in it through our thoughts and feelings about them and by the actions we take as a result. You can ask for anything in your life from love, health, money etc., and if you believe this will make your life better than it currently is then it will come to you in one form or another. Law of attraction has been talked about for centuries but was popularized in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret.

How does the law of attraction work?

It is said that what goes around comes around and this is the principle behind the law of attraction. When people are kind to others and make them feel good about themselves, they are more likely to be kind in return; when people treat others badly, it’s more likely that they will receive the same treatment in return. The way we interact with other people and treat them impacts how they will act towards us in return, so if we want others to be nice and kind towards us, then we should be kind first as well. It’s important for people not only to focus on their own actions but also how their actions impact those around them because kindness always multiplies!

What are some examples of the law of attraction in action?

Here are some examples where people have used the law of attraction in their lives and seen positive results:
-There was a study done where two groups were given puzzles with pieces that would not fit together no matter how hard they tried. One group was told that if they worked on the puzzle for 15 minutes and it wouldn’t work, then they would be paid $10 for their time. The other group wasn’t offered money but were told that if they worked on the puzzle for 15 minutes and it still wouldn’t work out, then it was just too difficult for them and there’s nothing more they could do about it.

How can you use the law of attraction in your life?

One way to use the Law of Attraction is by reflecting on your day and thinking about what you need more of in your life. The next day, start your day with an affirmation and a gratitude list. For example, if I want more time in my day, I can say this affirmation before I go to bed I am so grateful for the time I have today. When I wake up and start my morning routine my mind will be focused on thanking God for the time he has given me.

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