7 Ways to Make Happiness a Priority in Your Life

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Happiness is made not found. Everyone can make it if they want..

While many people believe that happiness is something that comes to you, it actually requires effort and attention to create your own happiness. Achieving happiness may not be easy, but it’s well worth the hard work you put into it, as those who are happy generally have an easier time in life, both professionally and personally. Use these seven tips to make happiness a priority in your life, and you will soon be reaping the benefits of being an overall happier person.

1) Give yourself permission to be happy
Too often, we put our needs last, which is what leads us to an unhappy life. The first thing you can do is give yourself permission to be happy. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the most important steps you can take. Simply say I deserve happiness and focus on giving yourself some of what you want. If your job isn’t making you happy, start looking for something that makes you feel fulfilled or call your boss and tell them that they need to make changes or find a new employee. If people are hurting your feelings over and over again, stop letting them have so much power over your life.

2) Find your passion
Finding your passion is tough and often times it can take time, but it’s worth it. One of the best ways to make happiness a priority in your life is by finding what you are passionate about and pursuing it. If you’re still not sure what your passion is, here are seven things that might help you find out:

  1. What excites you?
  2. What do people say about you? 2a. Are they saying that you’re great at what you do or that you need to work on something specific? 2b. What are they complimenting on or telling you needs improvement? 2c. Do people tell you that they like working with or for YOU specifically? 2d. What topics do you talk about? 2e. What subjects did you major in school and enjoy the most? 3. Can you think of someone who does what you want to do for a living and ask them if they would be willing to give some advice over coffee or tea? 4. What have you been doing lately that makes feel like your skills are being used well – even if it doesn’t earn any money right now?

3) Live in the present
One way to make happiness a priority is by living in the present. If you live your life worrying about what might happen tomorrow, then you’re missing out on the joy that’s all around you today. Instead of dwelling on what might go wrong, focus your energy on the people and things that make you happy right now. You’ll find that taking steps to ensure your happiness will lead to even more opportunities for joy.

4) Set goals and achieve them
Setting goals and achieving them is the best way to make happiness a priority. With every goal you set, you are taking steps towards living life on your own terms. Goals can be as small or big as you want. It’s up to you!

5) Spend time with positive people
There are many ways to spend time with positive people. One of the easiest is by starting your day with a grateful journal entry. Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for and the people who have helped you reach your goals. It’s also important not to forget about the small accomplishments that make life worth living, such as taking a walk outside, or finishing an easy task at work. Ending your day with gratitude is another way to build positivity into your life. Take five minutes before bedtime and think about what you’re thankful for from the day, then write it down in a gratitude journal or share it on social media.

6) Do something nice for someone else
1) Write a letter to someone you love, telling them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their friendship. 2) Give your favorite shirt or sweater to someone who needs it more than you do. 3) Turn off the TV for one night and read something inspirational instead. 4) Call an old friend and catch up over coffee or tea. 5) Spend time outside – take a walk, breathe in some fresh air, or go see what’s blooming near your home. 6) Take care of yourself – drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise regularly 7) Laugh with friends and family members; watch funny movies or comics on YouTube

7) Practice gratitude

  1. I appreciate all the people who have helped me get where I am today.
  2. Today, I will spend some time imagining how my life would be if I had never been born. And then I’ll choose to feel grateful for being alive and experiencing the wonders of the world around me.
  3. Today, I will remember that happiness is something that can be created, not found–and it’s my responsibility to do so by remembering what makes me happy and building on those things.
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