If You Have Choices, Choose the Best. If You Have No Choices, Do the Best.

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If you have choices, then choose the best. If you have no choices, then do the best.

We’re always talking about how to improve your life and how to be better than you were yesterday, but sometimes it’s just that simple: if you have choices, choose the best one; if you don’t, do the best with what you have. This applies to both your personal and professional lives. If you have choices in life, use them wisely; if you don’t, then do everything you can with what you have.

What does it mean to have choices?
Having choices is when you have multiple options that all seem to be great and you can’t decide which one to pick. When you have no choices, it means that there are only two options and neither of them is particularly great in your opinion.
Choosing to do the best with what you have sounds like a simple enough sentiment but it’s important to understand what doing the best means before making a decision about what’s best for you. Sometimes doing your best isn’t always going to be good enough or easy but being brave enough to try will usually result in something worth remembering.

What if you have no choices?
There are always choices to make and decisions to make when it comes to your life. Even when you don’t have choices, you still have decisions to make. There’s a difference between having no choice and making the best of what you do have. And there’s always one way that is better than all of the others for every decision that needs to be made- even if we can’t see it right away or can’t know what it will be without trying them all first.

How can you make the best of your situation?
In order to make the best of your situation, you need to first know what your situation is. So how do you know what your current situation is? Well, there are a few questions that can help give insight into this topic:
1) How much time do I have? 2) What is my current skill set? 3) Is my circumstance temporary or permanent? 4) What are my options for change? 5) How much money am I willing to invest in myself and/or my new endeavor? 6) What are the potential outcomes of this decision?
Once you have these answers figured out then it’s time to start thinking about where you want to go from here.

Why is it important to do your best?
It’s important to do your best because that is what sets you apart from others. Sometimes we might not have a choice in what we are doing, but if you do have a choice, then it’s always better to make the right decision and do your best than just going with the flow and not giving anything your all. Whether it’s school work or sports practice; it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you give it your all and try hard than anyone can succeed no matter what they’re striving for in life.

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