Your Words May Lie, But Your Actions Always Speak The Truth

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Words may lie, but actions will always speak the truth.

Actions truly speak louder than words, especially when they’re in direct contrast to one another. While you might say that you’re dedicated to your diet and exercise routine, but when you spend most of your time sitting on the couch watching TV or scrolling through Facebook, that doesn’t really speak well of your dedication to getting healthy. When your actions speak louder than your words, you’re less likely to be believed when you try and tell people about what you’re doing. Here are three ways you can speak with action and make your own words count more in the long run.

Why are words not enough?
There are many people who will tell you that your words are not enough. They will say that actions speak louder than words and that people should base their opinions on what they see rather than what they hear. These people may be right in some cases; however, words can speak volumes without you ever having to do a single thing.
We all have our own personal thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We think of ourselves as being loving and caring or strong and brave or witty and intelligent or any other adjective we can think of. We also have thoughts about other people too.
These beliefs can be a powerful thing if you let them be because they can give you the motivation to change your life for the better as well as motivate others to take action in their lives.

How can you make your actions speak louder than your words?
In many cases, people’s words are not a good indication of how they will act. One example is when someone says something like I’ll do it for you but then never does. What they say and what they do may not match up because the person didn’t want to do it in the first place. Other examples include when someone says I love you but then cheats on their partner; or when a student who gets a perfect score on an exam pretends to have studied by bragging about it in front of their friends.

What are some examples of when actions spoke louder than words?
1) When people talk about how they are doing better than ever despite their current situation. 2) When someone is telling you about the amazing new job that they just got and you later find out that they were fired from their old job. 3) When a man says he’s looking for a sugar momma to pay his bills but posts pictures of expensive cars on social media sites. 4) When someone tells you that they’re in love with someone else when you can see them walking arm-in-arm with their significant other. 5) When a person talks about being sexually active when it’s obvious from their body language and demeanor that they’re shy or uncomfortable around any form of intimacy. 6) Whenever someone says I’m sorry but never actually means it.

How can you ensure that your actions always reflect your true intentions?
1) Take responsibility for your actions and say sorry when you need to. 2) When you are feeling angry or frustrated, find a healthy way to release those feelings so you don’t do anything that is going to hurt yourself or someone else. 3) Be honest with yourself about what’s going on in your life and acknowledge that it’s OK not be happy all the time. 4) If you’re sad, don’t try to cover it up by being mean or angry – find out what’s wrong and talk about it with someone who will listen without judgment. 5) Make sure the words coming out of your mouth match your actions – if you say something kind then be kind in that moment and vice versa.

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