Every Difficulty Comes With A Hidden Blessing: 5 Steps To Finding The Blessing In Your Difficulties

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Every difficulty comes with a hidden blessing..

Every day, our lives are filled with events that bring us to the brink of frustration. In our moments of greatest difficulty, itโ€™s hard not to see everything as an obstacle in our way, but there are often benefits to every kind of difficulty we face. As author Viktor Frankl said When we are no longer able to change a situation โ€“ we can change how we relate to it. Here are five steps you can take right now to start finding the blessing in your difficulties and turning them into opportunities for growth and positive changeโ€ฆ

1) Acknowledge the difficulty
Difficulty can be a hard word to hear. It’s easy to associate it with pain and frustration, but every difficulty comes with a hidden blessing. It may not seem like it at first, but every difficulty has the potential to become an opportunity for personal growth and lifelong happiness. Here are five steps you can take to find the blessing in your difficulties.

  1. Stop blaming others for your situation. 2. Make gratitude a priority in your life. 3. Be mindful of where you are right now instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what could have been different if things were different. 4.

2) Don’t try to fix it
There’s a saying that if you want to make something better, you should stop trying to fix it. That’s not always true, but sometimes it is. When you’re dealing with a problem, there are two ways to deal with it: try and fix the problem or take your attention off of the problem. This can be hard because problems seem like they need your constant attention in order for them to get better. But sometimes doing the opposite will help more than anything else. Let me show you how by using an example from my life that I’m still trying to work through some of these steps on my own.

3) Ask yourself what the hidden blessing might be
What is the hidden blessing in your difficulties? That is a question that can’t be answered by another. You have to find it for yourself.
There are five steps you can take to find the blessing in your difficulties, so if you are finding it hard to see the silver lining, read on.
1) Look for what you learned from the experience – Perhaps this experience has taught you something about yourself or about life that was hidden before? Even if it hasn’t, there’s always something we can learn from our mistakes and it’s worth taking a minute to figure out what that might be. What did this experience teach me about myself? What did I learn from my mistakes?

4) Be open to receiving the blessing
If you’re struggling, take a moment to ask yourself what the difficulty is costing you. Ask yourself what’s been difficult about it and how those difficulties have affected your life.
Be open to receiving the blessing that can be found in these difficulties.
One way to do this is to write down how things were before this difficulty came into your life, then write about how things are now – both of these lists should include positives and negatives so that you don’t miss out on any blessings.
Compare the two lists and see which one looks like it has more blessings on it than drawbacks. This list could represent the blessing in your difficulties!

5) Give thanks for the blessing
We all have difficult times in our lives. These hard times can be very painful, but they also come with blessings. When we find the blessing in a difficult time, it helps us to feel better and to grow as individuals. Here are some ways to find the blessing in a difficulty and come out stronger on the other side.

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